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marti grin
Been a while since there was any Slingers news, but these recent tweets by creator Mike Atherton and Toby Moore of Sleepydog Productions indicate that things are slowly progressing:

@sizemore: On my way to see @JoseMolinaTV to work out how we get home one heist at a time.

@sleepydog: @Phantom_sub yep @sizemore & I met @JoseMolinaTV in LA last week & he's agreed to come on board now he's done on #TerraNova #Slingers

(Jose Molina has been a writer for a number of genre shows including Firefly, Dark Angel and Terra Nova)

Movement on the horizon
SPACE!, brb adventuring
Production company Sleepydog will reportedly have a series of announcements about Slingers in the lead-up to MIPCOM in October.

i must squee
Two interviews which popped up during the holiday rush:

Slingers writer Mike Atherton's interview with Live for Films, where he gives some more details on the characters and worldbuilding ("DM is the calm collected one who prefers to think his way out of situations. Frank is the lovable idiot who throws himself into situations he then has to fight his way out of. DM is kinda broken. Frank we try and break each and every week if we can.").

And a video interview between Atherton and Sean Pertwee, where they chat about the project and the British slant on science fiction.

27 Slingers icons
slightly psychic icon

(Follow the fake cut)

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Downloadable .mp4 versions, for iPods/phones etc.

Slingers sizzle reel - MP4 - 46MB - zShare.

Slingers sizzle reel - MP4 - 22MB - zShare.

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[Slingers] Girls in suits
Sleepy Dog site page for Slingers.

Apparently it's an Irish and Canadian production. Although I was correct at one point it was supposed to be American made.

Post whatever photos, links, icons, rumours for Slingers.
[Slingers] Girls in suits
Links 'n stuff.

Mike Sizemore's blog - @sizemore

An MP4 version of the 'sizzle reel'. Plus a slideshow of images.

Warren Ellis "I have here the sizzle reel for your new favourite TV show."

Mark Waid's blog.